Beginning June 3 the Oak Ridge History Museum will be open Thursday & Fridays 10 - 2 and Saturday 10 - 3.

Oak Ridge 75th Anniversary Celebration

Come join us as we celebrate an event of Oak Ridge’s 75th Anniversary Celebration!

Oak Ridge has several anniversary dates to note during the 75th Anniversary. There is one for the selection of the site (September 19, 1942), one for the start of construction (November 1942), one for the start of construction in each of the government sites, Y-12 (February 1, 1943), X-10 (February 2, 1942), and K-25 (June 1, 1943), and there are more dates of note such as when the X-10 Graphite Reactor “went Critical” on November 4, 1943 and when the first shipment of Uranium 235 left Y-12 (March 1, 1944). The first anniversary date is significant in that General Leslie Groves was told he had been selected for the atomic bomb project on September 17, 1942. He then authorized the purchase of 59,000 acres in East Tennessee on Saturday, September 19, 1942.

This event is being celebrated on September 15, 2017. Denise Kiernan, New York Times bestselling author of “The Girls of Atomic City” will be here helping celebrate one of her favorite people, Ed Westcott. She will also introduce her new book, “The Last Castle” which tells the history fo the Biltmore Estate, the nation’s largest home!

Come early and see the historical displays starting at 2PM. There will be a wide variety of artifacts, posters and displays for your enjoyment.

Famous photographer, Ed Westcott, will be featured from 4PM – 5:30PM with a slide show of Ed’s photographs being shown by Don and Emily Hunnicutt. You will never grow tired of Ed’s photographs which tell the enormous Oak Ridge Manhattan Project story.

At 6PM, Denise Kiernan will be the featured Keynote Speaker. She will speak on the subject, “The Legacy of Place.” If you have heard Denise speak before, you know what a treat it is to listen to her. She is so dedicated to her work, yet, has a most personable presentation style. I am sure she will have fully researched the Biltmore Estate and will have amazing stories to tell. Don’t miss this event!!! There will even be birthday cake and a reception!

Mark your calendar now and invite your friends to the public meeting celebration event. The historic Grove Theater is located at, Grove Center, Oak Ridge, TN. Turn at Robertsville Road and you can’t miss it…it is the center piece of the Grove Center shopping area. It is also behind The Westcott Center (named by the Kroger employees for our renowned photographer, Ed Westcott.