Beginning June 3 the Oak Ridge History Museum will be open Thursday & Fridays 10 - 2 and Saturday 10 - 3.

ORHPA Monthly Meeting: Where are we going?

We know where we have been…SO, where are we going???

–The American Museum of Science and Energy will move from the present location to a new location in Main Street Oak Ridge
–The K-25 History Center is soon to be a reality!

David Hackett will speak on the subject:  We know where we have been… SO, where are we going???

“The future is in our hands…whether we seize the opportunity to turn it, or let it get away from us — it is time to talk about making a real difference. Oak Ridge no longer has an industry base since DOE has removed to Washington and the Plants see Knoxville more as their base. We have an opportunity with the Park Service to build a real heritage tourism industry as our home industry. Given our current demographics, this will not be easy, but it is attainable, and it will build into a real community support industry. We have the added difficulty of convincing our city leadership of this. It will take a concerted effort. However, without such an effort the Park Service is likely to withdraw from Oak Ridge as well. I hope you will join me in looking for avenues to get us and the Park Service secure with a growing heritage tourism program effort.”

–What will the Oak Ridge Heritage & Preservation Association do to better help preserve Oak Ridge history?
–What will your role be?

Each of us must decide how we can assist if the vision of a viable Heritage and Science Tourism initiative is to be realized in the Oak Ridge region. We have a window of opportunity and we MUST take full advantage of it.