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pasted image 150x187Bill Wilcox – Official Oak Ridge City Historian

William J. “Bill” Wilcox, was a chemist who came to Oak Ridge during the Manhattan Project in World War II and went on to become technical director for federal facilities K-25 and Y-12, was named Oak Ridge city historian, and led the fight to preserve the history of the former K-25 site, which was built during World War II to enrich uranium for atomic bombs.

One of Oak Ridge’s most distinguished citizens, he was a pioneer scientist of the Manhattan Project, and as city historian, Bill helped preserve Oak Ridge’s unique history through his leadership on projects such as the Secret City Commemorative Walk and the Birth of a City projects.

“Oak Ridge helped win the most terrible war in history,” said Wilcox in 2010.  “But then those scientists focused their efforts and knowledge on endeavors that benefit people all over the world like nuclear medicine and nuclear power. These are the legacies we like to have people remember as well how we helped end the war.”

WBIR Report on the passing of Bill Wilcox  Sept 4, 2013


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