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pasted image 145x167Ray Smith – Historian, Author, Columnist and Photographer

With 43 years of experience at the Y-12 National Security Complex, Ray has developed an extensive understanding and appreciation of the heritage of Y-12’s history. Having served for 16 years in ever increasing levels of management responsibility, he has learned all the buildings on the site and their history.

He has co-produced the award-winning and highly acclaimed Secret City DVD set that has become the definitive history of Oak Ridge. Ray can be found at the Y-12 History Center where he routinely provides tours of Y-12 and continues to advance the knowledge of Y-12’s unique history for visitors and the public.

Ray’s Oak Ridge history presentations have been provided to universities, National Laboratories, civic organizations and national, as well as, regional historical organizations. In July,2012 he was selected to testify before the United States House of Representatives Subcommittee onal Parks, Forests and Public Lands on H. R. 5987, A BILL TO ESTABLISH THE MANHATTAN PROJECT NATIONAL HISTORICAL PARK IN OAK RIDGE, TENNESSEE, LOS ALAMOS, NEW MEXICO, AND HANFORD, WASHINGTON.

In 2013 Ray completed the compilation of twelve documentary short films including Our Hidden Past series into a two DVD set, Y-12 Anthology. He plans to compile a book on Y-12 history using the Y-12: Local Treasure and National Resource newspaper columns he has written over the last seven years.

At the East Tennessee Historical Society’s 2013 annual meeting, Ray was awarded a first ever double award, Professional Achievement and Community History. In October, 2013, the first annual Bill Wilcox Bow Tie Award was presented to Ray for his work supporting Aid for Distressed Families of Appalachian Counties.

In December, 2013, Ray was inducted into the Order of the Muddy Boot, Oak Ridge’s prestigious award presented by the East Tennessee Economic Council for individuals who have had a major and sustained positive impact on the East Tennessee region.

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