Beginning June 3 the Oak Ridge History Museum will be open Thursday & Fridays 10 - 2 and Saturday 10 - 3.

ORHPA exhibits at Secret City Festival

SCF-logoThe Oak Ridge unit of the Manhattan Project National Historical Park is now a reality. We at Oak Ridge Heritage & Preservation Association welcome you to attend this years 2016 Secret City Festival History displays inside the Civic Center A, B & C Rooms. We plan to celebrate the roots of Oak Ridge rich history with the public and extend a welcome to the first year for the Manhattan Project National Historic Park – Oak Ridge unit.

  • Mick Wiest will provide a display of “Lives Saved – Lives Lost” in WWII.
  • Tom WalkerFaith and Courage” exhibit used during the opening display for the National WWII Memorial in Washington, D.C. An Exhibit Honoring the Service and Heroism of U. S. Military Chaplains of World War II
  • Don Raby with the Kingston Demolition Range shows the pre Anderson / Roane Co area with photos taken by the U. S. Government and information on the homes previous owners.
  • Bobbie Martin will display a gifted treasure of Oak Ridge various types of housing and floor plans donated by Adams, Craft, Hertz & Walker(ACHW).
  • The Stokes Collection display includes one of a kind items from WWII and 1940’s Oak Ridge memorabilia, along with an enlarged panoramic mural, taken by Ed Westcott from the Y-12 water tower.
  • Rose Weaver will present a photo historic African American display .