Beginning June 3 the Oak Ridge History Museum will be open Thursday & Fridays 10 - 2 and Saturday 10 - 3.

Volunteer Opportunities

There are lots going on these days with ORHPA, and this brings a need for more volunteers. Your help, large or small will be greatly appreciated. Here are some examples of how you can help

History Fair in Knoxville, Saturday, 8/18 from 10 – 5 pm. Come out to Market Square and enjoy the many fine displays relating to Tennessee history. The ORHPA will have a table and display, and if you can sit for a while and give other volunteers a break it will be much appreciated. Contact Mike Stallo or Ray Smith ( or 865-660-9527) if you can help.

The ORHPA Historic Properties Committee will start next week by selecting candidates for our annual Historic Preservation Award. This activity includes visits to candidate properties/buildings where we express our appreciation for good stewardship of historic properties. In mid-September, we present the ORHPA Historic Preservation Award to the worthy winner. Contact Mick Wiest if you would like to help with this effort.

The Wheat Homecoming takes place on the first Sunday in October (10/7) starting at 11 a.m. at the Wheat Church, a.k.a. George Jones Memorial Baptist Church, located near K-25 (East Tennessee Technology Park), just off Blair Road. This is a wonderful way for us to celebrate with family members of residents that were here at the beginning of the Manhattan Project, who gave up their land to help win World War II. The ORHPA will have a table/display along with the National Park Service. If you can help with this event contact Mick Wiest.

Volunteers are needed at the Midtown Community Center in the coming months as we develop the Oak Ridge History Museum. We are in the process of planning a museum in the east wing of our building that will share our unique history in full. Even before we open the doors to the museum we will have ORHPA members at the building at regular hours to meet and greet and share our plans for the future. Contact Betty Stokes or Emily Hunnicutt if you would like to volunteer

Thank you.

Mick Wiest
ORHPA Executive Director

PS: If you don’t have ready contact information for the above coordinating individuals, please contact Ray Smith ( or 865-660-9527) and I will relay your request to volunteer to the proper individual. Your help is NEEDED!