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You can join the Oak Ridge Heritage and Preservation Association in two convenient ways.  If you want to register and complete your registration payment online, simply continue down this page and you will have the option to fill out your information and complete your payment right here on our website. Or, if you would prefer to fill out the form and mail a check, you can do that also.  Simply click the button below to download the form and mail the completed form along with your registration fee to: Oak Ridge Heritage and Preservation Association, P.O. Box 5825, Oak Ridge, TN 37831.

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  • Help us preserve the Oak Ridge story. ORHPA was established in September of 1999 for the purpose of preventing further demolition of our historic structures and the loss of our unique history. The organization became an official non-profit entity in 2000.

    Today with over 180 members, ORHPA is key in leading the effort for the preservation of all of Oak Ridge's heritage. Monthly meetings, open to the public, are held on the second Thursday evening of each month in the Midtown Community Center (formerly the Wildcat Den) at 102 Robertsville Road. This building was saved through ORHPA's efforts and transferred to the organization by the City of Oak Ridge in 2000.

    Become a member of ORHPA by filling out this form and paying your dues online.

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