**Due to technical difficulties on the 17th, this event has been moved to the 24th. We hope you will join us.

On Thursday, February 24 at 7:00 pm ET, ORHPA will hold a membership meeting with author and photographer, Martin Miller.
Martin has been doing high-resolution photography since 1970, first with 4×5” and 8×10” view cameras then, more recently, with digital cameras in a technique called stitched mosaics. In 2003 Martin retired from a 31-year career as a research physicist with the US Army Research Laboratory to devote full time to his photography. In 2006 his oeuvre shifted from nature abstracts first to the heavy implements of war and then to weapons of mass destruction, including a major multiyear substudy of the production facilities of the Manhattan project. His photographic work has received international recognition and is currently represented by Galerie Gora in Montreal and Galerie Sakura in Paris.
In 2008 Martin obtained permission to photograph the fast-disappearing remnants of the Manhattan Project and Cold-War production facilities at Oak Ridge and Hanford. That year he and his wife began a 10,000- mile photographic odyssey across the United States to capture these and ten other sites along the way. In 2017 Martin published the first two books of a trilogy on twentieth-century war machines featuring both historical narrative and gallery chapters of his images: The Neutron’s Long Shadow and Weapons of Mass Destruction. In 2021 Martin published the third and keystone volume in the trilogy, Triumph and Tragedy: The Evolution and Legacy of Twentieth Century War Machines.
This meeting will be held at Zoom.
Meeting ID: 999 8097 8559
Passcode: 714636